OwnerEntry.com 100% Money Back Guarantee (The Anytime Transfer Guarantee)

When you purchase one of our listing plans, you can rest assured with our 100% Money Back Anytime Transfer Guarantee. Regardless of the plan you select you can receive a full refund of all OwnerEntry.com listing fees, if you cancel your listing through the Anytime Transfer Money Back Guarantee process. Here's how it works;

If at anytime you wish to activate the money back guarantee you simply call our office at 617-345-9800 to make us aware of this decision. From there we go to work; we analyze hundreds of home sales to find the best agents in your marketplace; we run various analytics through MLS with your property in mind. The result is; we connect you with the top 2-3 agents in your marketplace that are not just proven, but are the ones best prepared to obtain top dollar in the shortest amount of time, for your property specifically. From there, you meet with these select agents (they could be from any firm; Remax, Coldwell Banker, Raveis, KW, an Independent etc..) You will choose the agent that you feel is the best fit. We know that any choice you make is the right one as we have already vetted each of them. Within 10 days of the sale of your home with the assistance of the real estate agent you chose, you will receive a 100% refund of any payments made to OwnerEntry.com under your listing plan.

In the event that your home remains unsold at the end of the new listing period with the real estate agent, the Seller may renew the listing agreement for additional term with the same agent until the house is sold, and the Transfer Program will remain in effect.

It is important to note that the seller must contact OwnerEntry.com as described above prior to contacting any outside real estate agents regarding the sale of your listed property. Contacting another agency prior to activating the Anytime Transfer Money Back Guarantee could constitute a forfeiture of the guarantee.

Any Seller may cancel their OwnerEntry.com listing at any time and ‘opt out’ of the Anytime Transfer Guarantee by not listing their home through this process; in this case a seller forteits the guarantee and will not receive a refund of their Listing Plan fees.

This 100% Money Back Guarantee is available in all states that we serve.

Please feel free to call our office or email anytime with any questions.